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Lawn Care Services in San Jose and Silicon Valley

Lawn Care Services in San Jose and Silicon Valley

At R&J Landscaping, or San Jose is a top priority. We are voted as Silicon Valley's#1 Lawn Care Company 4 years running, and our reputation proves it. See our lawn care services below and contact us for a free estimate today.


sampleR&J Landscaping provides a full-service and lawn application program, including fertilization, weed, disease and insect control.Read More


sampleMost San Jose and Silicon Valley lawns not only add to the beauty of their home, but they can also be the perfect harboring place for creepy-crawly pests to live.Read More


sampleJust as our pesticide services are used to rid an area of unwanted pests, our are used to get rid of unwanted plant life in San Jose and SIlicon ValleyRead More


sampleFor a fraction of the cost of sod, you can have a lawn with significantly more advantages than sod.  is the process of planting grass seed directly into existing turf, without tearing up the turf or the soil.Read More


sampleAt R&J Landscaping, our lawn Aeration process consists of punching ¾” holes in the ground while pulling a plug of grass, thatch, and soil to the surface. areas can result in a healthier lawn if the aeration process is done right.Read More


sampleAt R&J Landscaping, we are well-trained and skilled in proper techniques and have several methods for weeding your property and controlling weed growth in the future. Read More

Weed Spraying

sampleProper of your San Jose or Silicon Valley home or business will ensure your landscape and lawn look as beautiful as possible all year round.Read More

Weed Control

sampleProper home and garden and Silicon Valley areas will require the expertise of an expert Weed Control landscaping specialist.Read More

If you are looking for experienced Lawn Care in San Jose, Silicon Valley or surrounding areas then please call 408-444-5068 or complete our online request form.