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Pesticide Services in San Jose and Silicon Valley

Pesticides Services in San Jose and Silicon Valley

Most San Jose and Silicon Valley lawns not only add to the beauty of their home, but they can also be the perfect harboring place for creepy-crawly pests to live. It won't take long before these pest get the urge to move into a more comfortable living space inside your home. In your home they can find food, water, warmth and protection from the outside elements.

At R&J Landscaping, our can treat your lawn, trees and plants to keep the pests from populating in them, and we also spray a barrier around your home to keep them from crossing it and entering your home.

We can provide a proactive preventive approach toward insect and disease development. We can apply very specific products for specific problems and have minimal environmental impact. This is important because excessive use of broad spectrum pesticides can alter the balance between good and bad insects in your lawn.

We use pesticides that only target certain pest insects and that have little to no effect on the good/beneficial insects. The fungicides we use to cure and prevent lawn disease are carefully selected for safety, quality, and effectiveness. We try to provide the best and least expensive option when treating lawn disease however this can often be the most costly applications we offer.

Our San Jose Pesticides Provides the Following Services:

  • Insecticides
  • Pesticide application
  • Pesticide service
  • Landscape Pesticides
  • Grass Pesticides
  • Tree Pesticides
  • Plant Pesticides
  • Garden Pesticides
  • Pet Safe Pesticides
  • Kid Safe Pesticides
  • Green Pesticides
  • Green Insecticides

We Provide Pesticides in the Following Towns in California:

San Jose, CA | Willow Glen, CA | Los Gatos, CA | Saratoga, CA | Campbell, CA | Cupertino, CA | Milpitas, CA | Monte Sereno, CA | Sunnyvale, CA All Service Areas

Why San Jose & Silicon Valley Should Hire Us For Their Pesticides

The Pesticides technicians at R&J Landscaping are highly trained and knowledgeable. We only hire true professionals in their field and stay up-to-date on the best options and products available. Our Pesticides staff is always friendly, professional and highly communicative with our clients.

R&J Landscaping is a family owned and operated Pesticides company. We are licensed and fully insured landscape contractors in both San Jose and Silicon Valley areas. With over 20 years of professional experience as a Silicon Valley landscaping company, R&J Landscaping has the skills, talent and equipment needed to take care of all your commercial and residential landscape design needs.

From lawn maintenance to creating beautiful landscape designs complete with perfectly implemented landscape lighting, you can count on our San Jose landscaping company for superior quality results - all at a fair price. We take pride in providing home and business owners with exceptional quality landscaping and lawn care, and can offer a one-stop-shop approach to all your landscaping needs. Whatever your lawn needs, we can take care of it. Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping and lawn care services, and see the difference R&J Landscaping can make for your landscape today.

What Homeowners Are Saying About Our Pesticides

"We highly recommend R&J Landscaping for ongoing yard maintenance as well as any type of landscaping needs. Randy’s family owned business is very focused on customer satisfaction, and his staff is always courteous and professional. We’ve used his business for over a year, and plan to for many more. He has come through for us from tree replanting, removal – to fixing our sunken pavers, irrigation system that was the aftermath of a house remodeling project which involved a bobcat…… damage fixed as new ;-)."
- The Wilsons

“I would recommend (and already have recommended) R&J Landscaping to anyone. Randy and his team were very professional, always on time and on budget.”
- Romy

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