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3 Excellent Landscaping & Hardscaping Projects For The Fall

San Jose HardscapingWhile it might seem like summer is the prime time to invest in new landscaping projects for your home, that isn’t necessarily always the case. While the fall is generally a slow season for growing, and might not be the best time of year to plant a whole new flowerbed, there are a number of different landscaping projects that are particularly well suited to being performed in the fall that can go a long way in helping to improve the overall beauty of your home when spring comes back around. What are some of these projects, and what is it exactly that makes fall the best time of year to invest in them? To answer those questions and more, our team of professionals have taken the time to put together this short list highlighting exactly what a few of these excellent fall landscaping and hardscaping projects are, and the benefits of choosing to have them completed in the fall.

Outdoor Lighting

Here in California, we are fairly fortunate in that our winters never actually get too cold. In fact, most days and nights here during the fall tend to be somewhat temperate at worst, and the lows
never really get that low most of the time. This means that we are able to enjoy the outdoor areas of our homes pretty much year round. While the temperatures might not get too low during the fall, the sun will start setting earlier, and if you don’t have the right lighting options, navigating your landscape can get somewhat dangerous. This is where new outdoor lighting comes in. Whether you are looking to brighten up your home’s outdoor areas for use during the fall and winter, or you are just looking to highlight certain areas of your landscape in order to draw attention to areas
that you are particularly proud of, new outdoor lighting can get the job done.


If you have ever wanted a new patio, walkways, or pavers for your home’s landscaping, the fall months are the perfect time of year to get the job done. Taking the time this fall to have that new
patio or walkway installed will save you valuable time in the spring when you are going to be more focused on your flowers and all, and will ensure that any major excavations that need to be done
in order to put them in place will have already been completed by the time that it comes time to plant. By investing in this kind of work now, you can sit back and relax when spring comes back
around and enjoy the sight of your beautiful landscape from your new patio.

Raised Garden Beds

The process of constructing new raised flower beds in the spring when your plants have already gone in the ground can be a very difficult process. Not only do you have to be extremely careful that
the excavation work doesn’t damage the plants that you already have in place, but then you are going to have to worry about transplanting your flowers from their old beds to the new one. Taking the time now to have this constructed in the fall will ensure that you have plenty of time to get it ready before it is time to plant. Therefore, you can spend the spring enjoying the beauty of your
flowers instead of having to worry about whether your project is going to be completed in time to even use. Contact our team at R & J Landscaping today!

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