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How to Care for Your Newly Installed Lawn

  • San Jose Lawn MaintenanceA beautiful lawn is rewarding. It adds vibrancy and value to your property. Proper lawn maintenance is essential to extend the life of your newly installed sod or grass. With the right care your grass will continue to grow and retain its lush look for years to come. Follow these simple suggestions to caring for your lawn, and you will see the results you are looking for throughout the year!
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of your grass blade. Grass grows thicker, greener, and more consistently when it is allowed to thrive. Cutting your grass too short increases the risk of killing your lawn.
  • Allow your grass to grow at its acceptable height. The taller your grass is, the deeper the roots grow into the ground giving them a firmer grip on the soil. Deeper roots utilize more of the soil’s nutrients, giving the grass blade the ability to withstand droughts and combat pests and diseases.
  • Sharpen your mower blades. Dull blades beat down grass and give it a ragged, messy appearance. A sharp mower blade, however, will give your grass a clean cut sharpening the appearance of your lawn. Grass also recovers more quickly from a clean cut.
  • Fertilize your lawn. Your grass gets hungry. Feed it. Fertilizer is what separates the superior lawn from the average lawn. Fertilizer makes your grass greener, thicker, and extends its life. Be careful, thought, because fertilizer has to be strategically applied at just the right time. Ask the experts at R & J Landscaping which type of fertilizer is suitable for your San Jose lawn.
  • Attack your lawns greatest enemies: weeds, insects, disease. Your battle with Mother Nature is never ending. Be proactive and stay on top of lawn issues in order to keep your battle to a minimum. Look for Brown circles or dry areas around your lawn. Fungal diseases and insects such as ants can leave brownouts and dead grass in their path. Weeds will compete for nutrients and space and can be cancerous within a relatively short period of time. Contact R & J when these problems arise, because the solutions are oftentimes quite simple.
  • Let it rain! Your new sod or grass thrives on deep watering. The typical lawn in the San Jose area needs to be thoroughly soaked about every three days. One inch of water to every 12 inches of soil is preferred. Using a sprayer contained with fertilizer mixed in with water can be very effective.
  • If you are using an irrigation system to water your lawn, then make sure the settings are appropriate for your lawn. For instance, if your irrigation is set to a timer, then you need to observe how much water is being spread across your lawn during that period of time. There is a healthy balance between too little water and drowning your sod. An even spread is vital, so make sure all of your irrigation systems outlets are unclogged and allowing the maximum flow of water. The key to effective irrigation systems is even placement throughout your lawn.

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