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Perfect Flowering Plants For San Jose Landscaping

San Jose plant design consultationAll areas of the country enjoy native foliage that’s perfectly suited to the local climate, including many varieties of flowering plants that grow well in the San Jose area, making them perfect options for landscaping.

Plants that are native to the area have already adapted to the climate of the area and are most likely to be able to continue adapting and growing well in the area. While some family of plants like the Asteraceae, or daisy, grow well all across the country in dry gardens.

Flowering Plants Native to San Jose Landscapes

Flowering plants need to be drought resistant in order to grow well in the San Jose area. The hillsides of California still boast many traditional varieties that are beautiful and perfectly suited for your home landscaping needs. Here is a list of several flowering plants that can not only bring beauty to your home landscape but are easy to take care of and can attract beneficial insects as well.

  • Manzanitas
  • Milkweeds
  • Dwarf Coyote Bush
  • California Lilac
  • Purplish Morning Glory
  • Western Redbud
  • Pipestem Clematis
  • Monkey Flowers
  • California Buckwheat
  • Coastal Groundcover Gum Plant
  • Golden Yarrow
  • California Flannel Bush
  • Climbing Penstemon
  • California Pitcher Plant
  • Coyote Mint
  • Penstemons
  • Bitter Gooseberry
  • California Wild Rose
  • Blue-Eyed Grass
  • Woolly Blue Curls
  • Hummingbird Sage
  • Common Snowberry
  • Mattole River White Leaf Fuchsia
  • California Fuchsia

The Daisy As A Perfect Flower For San Jose Landscaping

The daisy is seen all over the United States in many areas, and one of the reasons for this is that it’s an incredibly wonderful plant that thrives in drought or dry conditions. Plants in the daisy family include many that range in size from tiny groundcovers to small annuals to large tree sized plants. This makes the daisy an incredibly interesting plant with varieties suitable for several areas of the landscape, not just in flower beds.

Daisies varieties include much diversity in color as well, which only adds to their interested for home gardens and landscapes. White is the common image we invoke when thinking of a daisy, but common colors also include vivid yellow, orange, pink, or red.

Common daisy choices for best plantings are:

  • Thithonia rotundifolia ‘Goldfinger’ or Mexican Sunflower A short variety, blue-green foliage with showy red-orange flowers.
  • Shasta Daisy ‘Snow Lady’ A compact shorter than normal variety, beautiful red-orange flowers.
  • Sanvatalia ‘Mandarin Orange’ Perfect ground cover, 6-8″ tall, orange-yellow petals with dark brown centers.
  • Rudbeckia ‘Gloriosa Daisy’ or Black-eyed Susan Perennial, long blooming, bright yellow, brown center.
  • Cladanthus arabicus or Palm Springs Daisy Very attractive compact mounding plant, golden yellow flowers, die out early in summer.
  • Feverfew (single type) An old fashioned daisy, very long blooming until hard frost.
  • Echinacea ‘White Swan’ Gorgeous late summer blooming cone flowers with wide lavender pink blooms and burnt orange discs, great bee attractant.

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