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Steps To Solve Water Drainage Problems On Sloped Properties

San Jose DrainageDoes soil wash down toward your house every time it rains? Are you constantly vacuuming and mopping the landscape off your floors? If you open your back door and the backyard slopes downward toward your house, there are some solutions to solve the problem.

Keep in mind that every landscape differs, so the solutions will vary. In fact, a combination of landscaping techniques is often used on sloped properties. Take a look at some of the common problems associated with sloped properties and the landscaping techniques that often solve them.

  • Water pooling around the house
  • Soil eroding into the house
  • Foliage doesn’t hold the ground together

Retaining Walls And Grading

A retaining wall can be built to block soil erosion on sloped land. Retaining walls, however, may not be the only solution to the problem. Additional grading may be necessary with the installation of some horizontal hardscaping along the bottom of the wall. Sometimes this is necessary or more steeply sloped land.

Install Sump Pumps Near The Slab

If rain pools or softens the ground near the slab foundation or other areas of the house, a sump pump can be installed to pump it away and reroute the pooling water. This may need to be part of the solution but depends on the unique layout and slope pitch of the property.

Build A French Drain

A french drain system helps to distribute the rainwater in locations where water normally pools. It can be installed anywhere on your property as is necessary to solve the drainage problem. Again, sometimes it’s a combination of solutions that actually solve the problem as a whole.

Build Flower Bed Walls

Flower beds are really great on a sloped property. If constructed right, the walls will act as a retaining wall. This technique is often used on hilly landscapes. The beds are either mulched and planted more sparsely or planted thickly with foliage. On rocky landscapes, a rock garden may be more appropriate. Any type of natural barrier with a little hardscaping will help to soak up water and keep the soil where it belongs.

Grow Low Growing Ground Covers

Moss is a great ground cover to grow because it’s very dense and the roots hold the soil together. Living on the side of a hill with loose soil and no plants almost always means that there is some soil erosion. Plus, the roots will help to block weeds.

There are plenty of drought-tolerant ground covers that work well here in San Jose. Consider planting pink hair grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris), Monkey grass, or Hakone grass (Hakonechloa macra).

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