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The Best Features to Add To Your Willow Glen Landscape Designs

Glen Landscape DesignsThe yard of your home is an important feature of your house that should be enjoyed by you and your family all year long. The best way to encourage your family to spend more time outside is the make the landscape of your house more enjoyable and functional.

When your home has a plain yard with grass that barely grows anymore, no one is going to want to spend time outside. A professional Willow Glen landscape design team can help you improve the look and feel of our landscape by designing you a more functional yard with unique features.  There are several different features that you can add to the outside of your home to make your landscape stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Water Features for Your Landscape

One of the best ways to add to the design plan of your Willow Glen yard is through professionally constructed water features. Water can be an attractive feature in any type of garden, and there are several different water features that you can add.

  • Fountains – A fountain can quickly become the main focal point of your entire garden. Fountains are great features because they can be specifically designed to your yard’s specifications.
  • Fish Ponds – Adding a small fish pond to your yard is a great feature to make your garden more enjoyable. You can add coy fish and gold fish to the pond as pets. They require little maintenance, and it is fun for the entire family to watch them grow.
  • Pools – One of the most popular water features to add to a home is a swimming pool. There is nothing better than having a place to cool off during the hot summers.
  • Irrigation System – This water feature has more a functional purpose rather than a decorative purpose, but it makes watering your plants easy and painless.

Areas for Socializing

The best way to get your family and friends outside more often is to provide them with an area to socialize, comfortably outdoors.  Here are some great features to make sitting outside more enjoyable.

  • Patios – A patio can be made out of concrete, brick, natural stone or a wooden material. Installing a patio in your yard can help break up large portions of grassy area and give you  a place to put patio furniture.
  • Decks – A wooden deck is a great home feature because it adds to the style of your Willow Glen landscape design plan. The wooden material can even be stained to match the exterior appearance of your home.
  • Pergolas – A pergola is a tall wooden structure made for flowers and vines to grow around. They are great focal points for a garden.

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